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Thursday, June 28, 2007

What makes a marriage

We were lucky to be able to make that wedding in Tahoe -- especially before the fires. Unfortunately we weren't able to fly out to Montreal last weekend for the wedding of some other friends. We wish we could have, not least because it looked like such a glamorous event.

You may be able to guess why the couple married in Canada. It's not because they're Canadian. It drives me crazy that so many people in this country want to support the institution of marriage by excluding people from it. I guess it's harder for politicians to paint the gay community as immoral and promisciuous if we actually allow same-sex couples to make officially-sanctioned commitments to each other.

Well, at least the New York Times sactions their union. The adorable couple was featured in this weekend's Vows section. For those of you who don't read the Times, that's a big deal. They don't just print anyone's event in the Vows section. Yeah, guys!

Anyway, I was thinking about the wedding while watching the new season of Big Love, a drama about a polygamist family. In one scene the second wife, who grew up in practice, is concerned that the first wife doesn't have a "testimony" of polygamy. The first wife says that she loves her husband and her sister wives very much, and that that was what mattered most. "But what's going to get you through the bad times if love is all you have?" the second wife asks. The first wife just smiles.

What holds our unions together? Love, principles, the law, our communities? Don't you think every family, no matter what size or shape, needs every bit of support it can get?

Love to our favorite newlyweds, Bacon and Evers, Dr. Cedric and G-Lock.


ME said...

Here, here!

If one supports gay marriage, wouldn't that also mean supporting other non-traditional marriages, like polygamous ones? I'm on board for the former, but the latter (or rather the latter still being on the books, theologically speaking) makes me a little uncomfortable still.

I loved seeing how they hash it all out on Big Love. Wish we didn't have to wait for Season 3 on DVD.

Mary Ellen

Anonymous said...

No, ME, I don't think it does (and I think people who use that slippery slope argument to support their anti-gay-marriage stance are full of shit). There is something special about a union that includes just two people. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Luisa Perkins said...

I think anyone who wants to marry anyone else should be able to do it hassle-free anywhere they like.

Is Big Love worth watching? We are HBOless; I'm wondering whether I should get BL on Netflix and get hip.

Adriana Velez said...

I enjoyed the first season, which I mostly watched on DVD -- with Carmen, actually, along with our Swizzy friends. We are HBO-less in Brooklyn but have pretty much everything here.

G-Lock said...

Thanks for your loving support, Adriana! (and commenters)

I defy anyone to claim my love for my husband is any less valid than a heterosexual couple's. That we can't file a joint tax return is staggering; I support my country financially to be treated like this?!?

As for Montreal, we know your brood was there in spirit! By the way, come back to NYC soon!!! xoxo