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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adriana's variety hour

I just had so much to say today I posted three, no, four times: Vietnamese curry, soggy hamburgers, and my new links list. AND! Did you know they're opening a new Trader Joe's in Brooklyn?

But I'm with Chowhound, I'm afraid. We were just at TJ yesterday when I was stricken with a great bolt of disillusionment. It's all the same stuff, and they don't have those good Thai potstickers anymore, and I hate their produce. We came home and I looked at the garlic packaged in that cute little basket. The garlic is from China. China? Why? They grow garlic here! Ugh, Joe, the magic is gone. I'm sorry, it just is.

I'm still coming over again for the chocolate-covered caramels, though.


liz said...

I got TJ burnout too when their gluten-free selection (for mike the allergy freak) became only one item that was always there, all others not carried at that store.
Their produce options/ shelf life anger me.

But it's the best place for hummus and certain items you can't find anywhere else.

We no longer go weekly, only when I need a good hummus fix.

Luisa Perkins said...

You can't beat their frozen green beans in winter, though. I still wish there were one closer than an hour away from me.

Janet M Kincaid said...

I never buy produce at TJ's, but I do love them for their tamales, pizza dough, and selection of Luna Bars, as well as their frozen veggies. And their "adult" sodas, i.e. Blood Orange Sparkling Water, etc. Oh, and Pirate's Booty. Love me some Pirate's Booty. (I know you can get it at other stores, but it's cheapest at TJ's.) But that's about it.

ME said...

TJ used to have a fresh tortellini and spinach salad with lime cilantro dressing. Was very sad when that went away. :(

I miss inexpensive frozen blueberries, the selection of nuts and trail mixes, pizza dough, the spinach artichoke & sun dried tomato calzone (which may not be around anymore) and their selection of cheeses.

I learned to check expiration dates religiously for anything perishable, especially dairy stuff.

Sheri said...

I don't know. I'm still totally addicted. I'm hoping the recent "eat local" superflux will pressure them into changing their produce and its packaging. Wishful thinking?