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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Food coming soon

I know I know, where's dinner? Well last night I was busy finishing a big, snarly editing project and tonight we're going to the drive-in to see the new Simpsons movie. Remember the drive-in? I'm so excited.

Just wanted to clarify something, by the way. When I compared not reading the Series Which Shall Not Be Named to being childless in America I wasn't saying you have to have kids to read it. I was referring to the experience of living outside a mainstream obsession. America is REALLY into kids, you know? In a way that's different even from more family-friendly countries.

My childless friends are kind enough not to say "geez, will you stop going on and ON about your kids and how great they are? I don't believe you when you say parenting is such a phenomenal experience!" (I'm referring to the friends who choose not to have children, not the ones would want kids but can't have them.) But I wonder if they ever think it. Readers, when yet another friend of yours succumbs to baby hunger, do you want to say "et tu, Betty?"

Er, if you do think these things, you don't have to tell me, by the way.

Anyhoo, the decision not to have children is a much bigger deal than the decision not to read Rowling. I'm just saying it gave me some insight into the lives of the deliberately childless.

And another thing -- if I ever end up reading Jasper the series I probably won't hate it. I may even enjoy it. But I'm not vounteering the series. I'll be busy reading him multitudes of other great children's book.


Luisa Perkins said...

We love the drive-in! There's one up by us in Hyde Park.

I made chicken-fried venison with cream gravy last night, rounded out with roasted potatoes and a portion of the monster squash I found in my garden the other day. There--a little dinner talk for ya.

Luisa Perkins said...

AV--Did I tell you about Draeger's Market in Atherton yet? I don't think so. When I lived in Sunnyvale, my roommates and I would go there for special treats. It's phenomenal--at least it was 21 years ago.

Adriana Velez said...

Ooooh, love venison!

There's a Draeger's in Menlo Park right by the Trader Joe's (for contrast, I suppose!). Maybe that's the one?

Anyway, it seemed just like an upscale grocery. I don't know -- I think all the other specialty food stores that have sprung up since kind of take the glow from places like Draeger's. There are so many places around here with special treats!

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, yes, right--it IS in Menlo Park.

Yeah, I guess back in the mid-eighties, fancy grocery stores weren't as common as they are now. But I remember that their desserts were terrific.

Swizzies said...

I have latent mormon guilt for this sometimes, but I didn't mull long and hard over the decision not to have kids. I just never actively wanted them, figured I "might want them Someday" and then I would think about it. Someday never came, and now it's too late. I didn't ponder it then, and I'm not regretting it now. Maybe I'm just not a deep enough thinker, and I'll find a huge well of regret when I'm like 75 years old and drooling on myself alone somewheres? Who knows...