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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I saw a recipe for Thai burgers in one of the cookbooks here, but the idea sounded much more appealing than their recipe. Herewith, my own recipe.*

1 lb lean ground beef
1 egg
2-inch stub ginger, grated
2 cloves garlic, grated
1 T soy sauce
1 T fish sauce or lime juice
1-2 T sesame seeds
handful chopped cilantro
cornmeal as necessary

Be sure to grate the ginger and garlic directly into the bowl to capture all the juices. In fact, I grated the ginger with the grain and discarded the fibers after squeezing the last bit of juice from them.

Mix ingredients with your hands. It's the best way. Flatten patties as thin possible and grill for as long as you deem necessary. Adults may like to spoon a little Southeast Asian chili sauce on their burger. We also topped with Capay's golden cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and a bit of onion I didn't put into jam.

I made wee patties for Jasper. When Lane tried to buy buns over the weekend Joe was out of hamburger, so he bought hot dog. This worked out well for Jasper's patties; I just cut the end off of a bun and it fit perfectly. He gobbled his burger up, green things and all. For the grownups we kept two buns attached to each other and cut them in half crosswise, which was about the right size (double-wide).

Lane's parents arrive tomorrow! I've been in a cleaning frenzy for the past three days, and the sick thing is there are still many surfaces around here I'd like to clean more. It's an illness. I find I must ask again, WHO AM I??? Is the sunshine getting to me? Anyway, I have one more CSA-derived dish planned for tomorrow night (and I'm SO excited about it) so stay tuned. Oh yeah, and sometime soon I'll revisit that summer squash idea.

Look who I found in Jasper's room this afternoon. What kind of spider sets up her web in a children's room? I ask you.

*Back when I was in glorious middle management and in the midst of a hiring frenzy I used to work with a headhunter who used the word "herewith" just about every time she presented me with a resume. It was kind of silly, but I liked it.


ks said...


Your Thai burgers just inspired me to make Thai crab cakes with this wonderful canned lump crab meat from Trader Joe's (the cheapest of their three varieties--about $7/lb). Very tasty. I recommend it (if you like crab cakes, that is) now that you are in close proximity of a store. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks also for several of the really great cooking tips I have learned from reading your blog. One that comes immediately to mind is grating garlic on the micro plane grater. What a novel idea! There are many more that I am unable to think of right now, but please know that I often find myself employing your nifty tricks.

Enjoy your CSA. They are a perfect fit for people like yourself who enjoy the challenge of figuring out what the heck to do with what's in the box each week. :)

liz said...

I like it when people have quirky, more formal speaking habits, too. It reminds me how dull my vocabulary normally is, but doesn't have to be- encourages me to stretch out my dusty mind that gets lazy.

Luisa Perkins said...

You're such a genius. We must try these at once.