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Friday, August 03, 2007

Citrus-chile roast with nopales salad

Inspired by Fugue Salad's Cuban-style roast pork, I grilled my beef rib roast from Paicines Ranch (via Eating With the Seasons) with an orange/lime/chile rub I made up. (Me: hmm, what are some ingredients I usually put in Mexican food?) I managed the proportions so there was just enough chile flavor to keep me happy but not so much that it was too spicy for Jasper. I'll share the recipe with you in my upcoming Cookie article.

Oh, it's good to have grass-fed beef again.

Do you know what else is good? Primavera's corn tortillas made with jalapeno and cojito cheese. Man, I am packing my suitcase with those when I leave for Brooklyn. I may leave all my summer clothes here just to make room.

I found a use for the cactus (that's nopales in Spanish). I made a pico de gallo-kind of salad with the cactus and a big, beautiful yellow tomato. It's pictured above with the roast. I'm glad I only bought two leaves; cooked nopales takes on the same viscous quality that cooked okra does. It's still worth including in a salad, though, for its funky desert flavor.

And now I'm waiting for Lane to make me a blackberry milkshake. I know I should be using all these beautiful berries to make some divine dessert like this (Lordy!), but the milkshakes are so easy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It seems lately like it's raining men in pregnantville; everyone is expecting a boy. Some of you already know what you're getting into. But I thought maybe I should share a little bit of what life with the y chromosome is like.

The closest post office is on Stanford's campus, so we rode the bike up there this afternoon. There were many diversions on our walk from the bike to our destination; there were random stairs to climb, rocks to collect. After buying Jasper a bottle of lemonade he mostly ignored after claiming he was dying of thirst we stopped by a fountain. What started with a little hand splashing turned into soaking wet from the waist down, and so I allowed Jasper to remove his denim shorts. Luckily his monkey pirate t-shirt was long enough to cover his undies. Of course, I should have just stripped him naked the moment he pointed the fountain out to me.

The walk back to the bike (why did I park so far away?) was filled with mischievous chases around the student union, Jasper hooting and cackling all the way. How did my son turn me into the Keystone Cops? We stopped by a t-shirt shop that had toddler-sized t-shirts but no shorts. So much for covering our ass.

As I biked aimlessly around campus, trying to find the route to the Stanford Mall, I just happened, purely by accident, to come across the alumni center. Which means we had to stop for ice cream, of course. I led us to the back patio where, unfortunately, there was a cocktail reception for polished-looking professionals with respectable careers. This is where Jasper decided to lie down in a dirt path and make a dust butterfly (like a snow angel only with more laundry). I finished my orange-chocolate ice cream and then carted off my dust-covered, sans-culottes son.

I finally found the way to Stanford Mall where I was able to buy Jasper a new pair of shorts and then shop at Segona's with dignity. He was singing/chanting/shouting on our way back to the bike when a Handsome Man met us and raised his eyebrows indulgently.

"Looks like you've got a singer there, or something!" he said. "Yeah," I wittily replied, knowing that disaster was surely around the corner. "Stupid, stupid, stupid wheel!" Jasper yelled, hitting the man's bike wheel. "Jasper! You know that word makes Mommy sad," I responded. Yeah mom, that'll do it. "I need to take my pants off again!" "Why?" "Because they're wet again." Sure enough, he'd urinated in his brand-new shorts. With my last shred of dignity I waved off the Handsome Man and biked home.

Oh, but your son isn't going to be like that. He'll be so sweet and docile. Really.


Co said...

Thanks for the window into the Y chromosome. My boy Flipper has already shown himself to be fractious in utero, so I am trying to prepare for the fact that I may soon be the mother of a child who is not unlike my brother.

Actually, I had such a stereotypical dad's dad and such a terror of a brother that I feel a little better prepared to deal with having a son than I think Lo does (who grew up with a socialist mom, a lawyerly father, and a girly-girl sister).

Dirt angels... who knew?

Luisa Perkins said...

Ah, what an adventure. It all sounds so familiar somehow.

liz said...

cool- cookie mag getting your input- they are so lucky for your skills!!! Can't wait to read. keep us posted

Anonymous said...

Most of this actually does not sound familiar. My boys have presented their own set of challenges. Number One had his slow-to-ignite, long-to-burn tantrums that would usually take about an hour to run their course (during which time we could do nothing more than try to get him away from other people--though buckling him in his carseat was a complete impossibility in mid-tantrum--and wait).

Number Two is much more mercurial and much more of the make-a-break-for-it type. He also has taken being two to heart. "No" is far and away his favorite word (not that he has many), if you don't give in the first time, he'll just say it longer and louder. I'm hoping the last week's increased cantankerousness has more to do with that second set of molars than a new and annoying developmental stage.

So no, I don't think Jasper's quirks are necessarily attendant on the y chromosome. You may very well have gotten a girl who would make dust angels--stranger things have happened.