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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our own kind of sideways

Hey, man, Ravenswood is just up the road. I'll drive!

How does one drive all the way to Sonoma County and not visit a single vineyard?

While Lane met with a collaborator in Santa Rosa (a city that appears to have an identity crisis) Jasper and I wandered aimlessly downtown. We ended up having lunch at the prettiest place around, The Cantina. They were awfully nice to us, but for that location and that attractive a place the food should be much, much better. I mean, it's Sonoma, people! The restaurant is under new ownership so maybe they'll get it together and hire a new chef. Then again, I hear the place has changed hands several times so maybe the problems go deeper than that.

At least Jasper was on his best behavior.

By the time Lane finished the tastings were closed. But the fun was just beginning for us. We drove to a town outside Petaluma to meet a fellow artist and his family. Their utterly sweet house was just as charming as they were. Lane and Mr. Artist held an art-biz summit while the kids ran wild inside and outside. Mrs. Artist took me to the local grocery where she selected for us two great reds, Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel and Guenoc Lake Country Petite Sirah (Langtry Estate). Best wines I've had all summer. Mrs. Artist grew up in wine country and knows local wines like the rest of us know 70's sitcoms. Wouldn't that be a magical life?


ks said...

So does this mean I cannot ask for your expert advice on how best to do "wine country" in a day trip? I was counting on you to provide us with a detailed tour plan for when we go to SF in Dec. I guess you'll just have to go back before you leave...visit some wineries and send a full review out to your readers.

I agree that your friend's wine selections are great ones. For about $10/bottle (Bogle zin) you can revisit your CA memories any time. Enjoy your remaining days in CA!

Luisa Perkins said...

Santa Rosa is a weird place.

Cool robot!