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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Really healthy green soup

Wait! Don't navigate away yet. It was also tasty. Even Jasper liked it, which means I'm saving the recipe for the Cookie article. But I can tell you that I pureed a big bunch of swiss chard and combined it with Thai seasonings. I sure wish I'd though of this soup back when I was pregnant and craving dark green veggies.

I think it turned out well partly because I used my own chicken stock. I'm often too lazy to throw that carcass into a pot after we've picked the bones, but it's so easy. Just add water, salt, and maybe half an onion and some herbs. Simmer for half an hour or more. It's even better if you roast the bones first.

I've also made a carrot custard. It's cooling in the refrigerator. If it turns out well it'll be in the Cookie article as well. If not, we shall never speak of it again.

My adventures with the CSA continue tomorrow. Thereafter I think I should be sharing recipes again, except I still need to come up with something (of my own) for summer squash. Speaking of which, JaneAnne has a zucchini pasta recipe up on her blog with advice for soaking out the water. And my mother e-mailed me to say that she rinses the slime off her nopales before adding it to salad or salsa. And please visit Just Recipes, for there is a bonanza of lavishly illustrated (photo) recipes featuring avacados and tomatillos. Yeah, Swizzies, I should do more of that step-by-step photography.


Luisa Perkins said...

It's all so exciting! I hope you'll post the recipes soon.

Do you freeze your bones if you're feeling lazy the night of? That's what I do. Make sure you label the plastic bag, because bones (lamb, beef, chicken, etc.) are harder to tell apart than you would think once they're frozen.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for all your nice shout-outs.

I should be sending people over here--all the meals you have been making are so creative and look absolutely delish.

When are you coming home??? Or are you going to stay there forever? I'm jealous, you know.

ks said...

Adriana, have you ever tried making zucchini and corn pancakes?...just a suggestion. I can provide a really quick and easy recipe if you like. I've tried dozens and finally found the perfect ratio of vegs:batter. I have this out of control zucchini plant growing in my yard this year--a volunteer from our compost pile--and I struggle daily to find ways to use them. It's like free, totally organic food, so I must. Right? (I knew you would agree.)

janeannechovy said...

My parents came home from vacation to discover a zeppelin-sized zucchini in their yard. Then they went to a ward activity and someone served a dessert using just such overgrown fruit, so they got the recipe and we made it last night. It involved a shortbread-y bottom crust, peeled, pithed, and chopped zucchini braised with butter and lemon juice until tender, mixed with apple-pie-like seasonings, put on crust, topped with streusel, and baked. It tasted remarkably like an apple crisp, and was great with vanilla ice cream! What will those crazy Mormons come up with next?

I don't think I'll end up posting the recipe on my blog, since I don't have so many zucchini plants that one could ever get away from me like that.

Adriana Velez said...

Luisa, I'm afriad that carcasses that enter my freezer seldom leave it. I don't know what my hangup is.

Lindsey, I've got four -- well, three and a half weeks left here. Sigh.

KS, I'd love that zucch & corn pancake recipes if you're willing to share.

JaneAnne, I've had zucchini pie that tasted like apple pie -- interesting idea!

ks said...

We've been eating these for days with all the fresh toms in the garden. This makes a lot but the batter seems to keep for many days I hope you will like.

Corn and zucchini pancakes:
mix together...
-kernels from two cooked ears corn
-2 med. zukes, grated on largest box grater, salted 30 min., then twist-squeezed in towel to remove liquid
-1/2-ish c. milk with one egg beaten in
-1/2 chopped sweet onion or sm. bunch scals, cut on bias
-minced garlic and jalepeno to taste (opt., of course)

combine in large bowl:
1 c. flour
1/2 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1 c. grated sharp wh. cheddar

Add wet to dry and stir to combine. Fry in med-hot non-stick skillet with a bit of oil till golden brown and crisp on outside.

Most excellent as a side dish with anything. We particularly like the flavor combination of a caprese salad on the side. I hope your family will try and love them.

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks, KS -- I think we'll try it soon since the CSA just provided more squash.