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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Super-mild vegetable korma

I know, you can buy the sauce from a jar and it's usually pretty good. But I've devised a quick, kid-friendly, Jasper-approved version. (Lane liked it, too.) I made mine with broccoli, spinach and chick peas, though lamb sure would have hit the spot. I bet I could put zucchini in it as well.

We had ours with this aromatic mix from Trader Joes, jasmine rice with red quinoa and golden flax seed.

And now, a few hits of random news:

Ann Cooper posted a story from the New York Times that questions the ideal of always buying local foods. While local produce is still usually the best choice in many aspects, sometimes there are advantages to food that travels a long way. There are two ways to see this. One, freak out more over the real environmental impact of your food choices and feel more guilt. Or! Use it to justify the choices you want to make anyway. Be clevery and creative. Alternatively you could just blow it off.

I found this Time Magazine article on the so-called Boy Crisis interesting. Turns out the boys are all right -- well, if they're white and middle class, anyway.

Have you heard sad news about Baby Einstein? Heh heh heh. Glad we skipped that trend. (Of course, all the cable TV I've let him watch this summer has surely lowered his IQ a few points by now so I shouldn't be so smug.) Baby Einstein Lady's husband is a major contributor to conservative causes, by the way.

Oooh, I need these. In my size.

Thanks to Sheri for posting on this splendid basil lemonade recipe. I loved it -- and the syrup is great in roobios tea. And now I can't wait for Orangette to return from her honeymoon and start posting again.

Jasper made up a game today. When he closes his eyes I have to say "no." When he closes only one eye I have to say "yes." And when he opens his eyes really wide I have to say "nope."

Jasper went to gymnastics -- in fact, spent the entire day -- in a purple and pink velvet and sequined belly dancer top he found in our hosts' daughters' costume collection. Yes, it's good to be a boy.


Lindsey said...

Love Korma. Glad I skipped Baby Einstein, too. Miss Molly, too. Try the Israeli couscous, red quinoa, chickpea, etc. mix. It's the best.

Glad to know I have your approval on the basil lemonade. I've been wanting to make it. I still want to track down culinary lavender so I can make knock-off lemonade I had at that bakery in UT last summer.

Luisa Perkins said...

LOVE the BE story. Heh, heh. And those shoes are adorable.