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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Zucchini chronicles: ginger cauliflower stir fry

This one did not pass conceptual review with Jasper, so it will not be included in the Cookie article. Briefly, I heated about 2T vegetable oil on high, added some minced shallot and ginger, and then added one chopped head of cauliflower and three chopped zucchinis. I cooked it all, tossing, until the zucchini was just barely tender. Good for the grownups, anyway.

At the end of our day at Moss Beach I was in the mood for seafood. I picked up two sea bass and stuffed them with lemon slices and herbs, wrapped them in tin foil, and grilled them. It was good, but not exactly what I was craving.

Sometimes in life you get a second chance. When I got the larger, leftover fish out for lunch today I realized it hadn't cooked thoroughly. So I gave it the lowbrow Red Lobster treatment: lots of butter and breadcrumbs under the broiler. That hit the spot.


Swizzies said...

If you think butter and breadcrumbs are lowbrow, you should probably stay away from Europe. ;-) Sounds yummy anyhoo.

Hey, JA posted about zucchini and said what I was thinking, but did not say: That you should try salting the zucchini and letting it sit for a while before cooking (rubbing off the excess salt and pressing dry on paper towels after it's rested a while), to get out the excess liquid.

Just my $.02. And really, JA said it better anyhow. :-)

Your cali bloggin make me think it's possible to really, actually, truly like California. Which always puzzles me no end. I'm an old crank I guess. Enjoy!!

Swizzies said...

I guess I should say I AM an old crank, without the softening guess-y-ness about it. I yam what I yam...

Hey, have you ever looked at this cooking blog:

It's not your cup of tea in terms of food content, very midwestern and rib-stickin...and I'm scared to recommend anything that has liquid smoke flavoring as an ingredient, Lol. Actually, if you haven't already, it's worth checking out for how she does her food photography and her explanations. It's very popular and attractive. All I'm thinking is, for some of the more complicated stuff you do (and unfamiliar ingredients you sometimes use), that kinda primer, well-illustrated approach could be awesome.

And time-consuming, and possibly expensive. WTF do I know? :-)

Lordy, I'm babbly today...

Anonymous said...

Well, Di, I for one am happy to read your chatty comments--methinks vacation was good for you!

Luisa Perkins said...

Sometimes it's all about the lowbrow.

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks for the comments, Swizzie. Don't you know I depend on you as my favorite crank? Good suggestions.

A few months ago back in the 'hood I had some "smoked" chocolate ice cream. The first bite was intriguing. The next bite sickening as I picked up on the generous amount of liquid smoke flavoring.

Hey, but I'm sure Pioneer Woman knows what she's doing. Proper application of the stuff probably has great results.