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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where's dinner?

We've been a little preoccupied around here lately because we've added to our family. NO, I'm not pregnant and it's not first trimester fatigue. We adopted a kitten.

There she is, in her favorite place: the dinner table. What do I do about that?

I know what (some of) you are thinking: CAT?!? Aren't you allergic to cats, as in horrible asthma? Didn't you once keep a box of Benadryl in a friends' medicine cabinet because of their two cats? Didn't a cat send you to the hospital in Switzerland? Yes, yes, yes. And yes. But this summer in California we took care of our friends' cat and I got over my allergies (to that particular cat). True, I am more allergic to some cats than others and I was just moderately allergic to summer cat. But it made me believe...

That and we just loved having a cat around. Something about seeing her sleeping there in the middle of the afternoon was like a dose of Lorazapam. And our family could use some Lorazapam. Plus Jasper keeps asking for a pet and we're selfishly depriving him of a sibling.

Just over the weekend a parent on our neighborhood listserve offered her cat for adoption, a 2-month-old female. She's had her shots, she's been neutered, and she's been house trained. We visited her and I was careful to put my hands all over her and then all over her face to see how allergic I might be (yeah, I know, not very scientific and kind of gross). We liked how curious she was and thought she'd fit into the family well.

The next day the owner and her daughter brought the kitten to our apartment. "Ginger" became "Madeleine Jasper" (guess who named the cat). She spent much of the first day hiding but came out the next day to explore. On day three she finally ate and used the litter box. She lets us pet her now and scratch her ears, and she follows us around to see what we're doing. I'm hoping she'll get more cuddly as we continue to pay attention to her (I hear that's how it works). My allergies have flared up though so far no asthma. Not enough time has passed, I'm sure, but hopefully I'll get my hands on a hepa vac before the dander really builds.

So that's why I haven't posted in a while. That and this endless summer has been so disorienting. I'm in the mood for cozy fall food but it's too hot and humid to cook. Oh I hate this global warming. Would those of you with cars please carpool more? Like, to the grocery store even? C'mon, it'll be fun. Please? And then I can cook more and post more recipes for you. Because last night I just bought a couple of slices at the corner pizza shop and tonight I bought tubs of hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, Greek yogurt and cucumbers for dinner.

So pray for rain. And carpool!


Sheri said...

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you ...about cats...and with allergies and everything! May it be kitty wonderful for you.

Hevansrich said...

carwha? oh, where you put more than one person going to the same place in the same car...gotcha. actually i'm the idiot who walks to the grocery store pushing a baby jogger with no baby in it, but piles it high with groceries to walk home with. the looks i get.
and, since you brought it up (and not for the first time) i'm a bit curious as to why you are depriving Jasper of a sibling....absolutely no judgement here, just curiousity as i'm sure you have a very solid answer. and if its something of a personal, physical nature, feel free to pass on the answer...looking forward to some more cat tales...i too am hideously allergic to cats, and i'm surprised/delighted at how you overcame it. (yet i will continue to be the mom who deprives my children of any pet more needy than a rat, and allergies are my blanket excuse...)

ks said...

Awwww, for so many reasons. (Jasper naming the cat after himself especially.) To fuel your optimism, I used to be quite allergic as well and now have four so it is possible for some people to become less resistant to cat dander. Sometimes I still have a reaction to other people's cats, even after 14+ yrs as a cat guardian (I hate to say "owner"). Good luck! She's very beautiful.

Oh, and a squirt bottle is a most excellent way to train a cat in what NOT to do. They usually find face spritzes most intolerable. Or, you can just cave to her will. Sometimes it's easier.

ME said...

Awwww, she's adorable! There's just something soothing about a curled up, napping kitty.

I second the squirt bottle as a behavior modification tool. That said, pick your battles. Technically, our cats aren't allowed on the dining room table, kitchen counters or my desk. I've (nearly) given up trying to keep PK off the antiques--where he hides out from Cosby. They do stay away from my desk and a dining table transgression is rare, but we bust them often on the kitchen counters.

I'm good about making sure there are no delicious treats for them to find, but mi esposo is not as fastidious.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Cats. Ugh. Though I will say, I do like the name Jasper gave it. And, my negative opinion aside, I hope M.J. enjoys a long and peaceful life in your home and that she provides many hours of enjoyment for everyone.

liz said...

CUTE!!!!! Love the cat.

Mike has the same issue with cats and when I finally talked him into one he had a hard time until we decided to never let it on the bed we slept on. We trained it (them- we got 2) by using a squirt bottle with water in it and it worked for us (spray cat when on bed). anot trick I used in the past was todding a tin can with coins in it (taped closed) - the loud noise freaks them out when you toss it near them.

pets are so great for kids, I love that jasper's already interested and asked for a pet.

Luisa Perkins said...

Very cute kitten!

Have you tried the Liberte Mediterranean yogurt (sweet, not savory)? The blackberry and the passionfruit are excellent. But I don't like the kind with grain mixed in.

Adriana Velez said...

Heavans, you do that in Orange County? You deserve a medal! As for the sibling issue, that's a long, long story.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments and advice. It turns out my "allergic reaction" was an oddly-timed cold, so Maddy and I are still friends.

Luisa, yes, I love the Libertie yogurt!