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Monday, December 10, 2007

The adventures of gnocchi

I plan on making spinach ricotta gnocchi as part of our Christmas dinner. I'm new to gnocchi, so I decided to practice a bit before the big day. My recipe is from Saveur, but a few years ago Amanda Hesser did a piece on al di la's Anna Klinger and her Swiss chard malfatti gnocchi. "Malfatti" means "misshapen" though of course hers are lovely.

They key detail in this article is that Klinger shapes her gnocchi by dropping a tablespoon or so of the mixture into a wine glass and swirling it around. And it works!

As usual, I read the recipe immediately before getting started instead of the day before. To my dismay, I read that I was supposed to drain the ricotta overnight before mixing it with the other ingredients. Would it make a difference? I ask these painful questions so you don't have to.

Yes, it makes a big difference.

My gnocchi held together when boiled but fell apart when I put them in the sage butter. Lane salvaged the dish by slicing a few apples; we spread the glop on them. I guess I'd better try this once more before Christmas. I'll post a recipe then. Meanwhile, here are three survivors.


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I'm about to try my hand at gnocchi making, too. One of the best lessons in gnocchi I've seen is by Lydia Bastanich. I think I'm going to start with the basic potato kind though, because I'm not as brave and adventurous as you are! Despite how this turned out for you, your gnocchi sound like they're really yummy!

ME said...

I've tried to make spinach gnocchi a couple of times with mixed results--disintegrating gnocchi when boiled, gloopy gnocchi. Didn't stop me from eating them, but aesthetically they were a train wreck.

Luisa Perkins said...

I love the wineglass technique: brilliant!