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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home on the range

We've been cooking for years on an elderly range -- not old enough to posess retro charm, just old enough to be dowdy and malfunctioning. I couldn't use the stovetop and the oven at the same time, the oven heated unevenly, the stove had to be lit by match, and I was positive that it was just one roast or stew away from simply blowing. After much procrastination and consternation Lane and I finally parted with some of our dear, precious cash and bought a new range.

Oh, what a difference! Is this what it's like for the rest of you living in modern, updated homes?

We didn't get anything too fancy. The space allows for only a 24-inch range, which limits our choices. None of the major brands make ranges that small, though for $4K you can get a Viking that size. But we're not going to rennovate the kitchen and a Viking is for the "dream" kitchen, not the "make do for a couple more years until we move into a larger apartment" kitchen. Still, I'm ever so grateful for my new range.

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hippittee said...

I'm desperate to see more photos of your living space...everytime you post one, I crave to see what's just beyond the for thought (so to speak). I'm sure you'll put the new range and oven to good use, and that we'll be the beneficiaries. happy holidays.