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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What do you do with Jerusalem artichokes?

At the Coop the other day there was a note by the artichokes comparing them with water chestnuts. So after weeks of passing the chokes by as if they weren't even there I grabbed a few thinking, "stir fry!"

The comparison to water chestnuts is apt, though fresh Jerusalem artichokes are much less watery than the canned water chestnuts most of us know. The artichokes have a very mild, nutty flavor, almost sweet. And they're crisp. I peeled and chopped them (supposedly you don't have to peel young artichokes) and added them to a stir fry with pork loin, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, garlic, tamarind sauce and soy sauce, topped with scallions and cashews.

With their neutral flavor, Jerusalem artichokes should go well with just about any stir fry you can concoct.

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