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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The birthday party, a space oddity

I'm a little distracted right now because I'm planning Jasper's birthday party. He is obsessed with all things space-related: Star Wars, rocket ships, robots, planets, black holes.

After flipping through some magaines and looking at party supplies it appears that the space-themed party is usually all about the US space shuttle. That same black-and-white spaceship, realistic astronaut suits, American flags, etc. I'm sorry, but that's all so uninspiring and unimaginative. What about space itself, the stuff out there? What about fantasy? Crazy aliens? Supernovas? I'm taking my cues from Ziggy Startdust instead.

So the plan is to play "pin the planet in the solar system," create our own aliens, put up a solar system mobile, make planet-shaped treats and shape pigs in a blanket into rocket ships. I'm also going to concoct a black hole cake, somehow, and I need to go into the city for some silver lame to cover the table. I'm freaking out and the worst of it is, two of Jasper's friends will be out of town for the party.

Yet here I am, blogging. I've got to go now!


Rayshine said...

Not sure when the party is but how about some of these? I thought they were a good deal.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

So... How was the party? I'm sure Jasper had a ball! Can't wait to see pictures. (I'm being presumptuous, aren't I?)

Adriana Velez said...

Rayshine, I love the belts! Thanks -- too late for the party but I think I'll get one for birthday boy anyway.

J.M., the party is Sunday, but we had fun yesterday celebrating with just the fam.

Sheri said...

i think i just had a panic attack reading this.