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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies with a side of bacon

A while ago Luisa at Novembrance forwarded me a post on chocolate chip cookies with bacon. This isn't as outlandish as it sounds. At a tapas bar a few months ago I had some melted dark chocolate over Serrano ham on toast and it was fantastic. Still, bacon in my cookies? Mmmm, pass.

I was obsessing over a different variation on the cookie. My favorite chocolate chip cookie in the neighborhood came from a takeout cafe. Theirs were noticably salty, which I love, and made with finely crushed pecans. For some reason this cafe has decided to break my heart and stop making these cookies, so I had to go and make some of my own.

While I was mixing the dough I happened to notice that we did have some leftover cooked bacon in the refrigerator, so I minced a slice and added it to a small portion of dough. (See, I won't meme but I might pick up a recipe.) I skipped the cinnamon maple -- too baroque for me.

My tasting panel (consisting of Lane and me) decided that the bacon did add a tasty, smoky flavor to the cookies. On the other hand, the chewy bacon lingers after the sugar and butter have melted away, and that's not really what we like to experience while eating cookies. Perhaps we could adjust our cookie-eating expectations. Or I could just keep making the pecan chocolate chip cookies without bacon.


ME said...

Hmmm, maybe add a bit of bacon grease to the butter/shortening instead?

My MIL cooks pancakes in bacon grease. To my butter-infused upbringing, this seemed like heresy but they tasted pretty good. A little salty and crisp around the edges but not obviously bacony.

Swizzies said...

Bacon. Huh.

A, you're very interesting. :-)

Luisa Perkins said...

Wow, you did it! Krayzee! I'm going to try it this week.

Adriana Velez said...

Mmm, love pancakes in bacon grease!

Krayzee: I am stealing this spelling.