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Friday, January 18, 2008

Daily bread

Speaking of The Kitchn, this week is their Baking Week (see the full week's posts for some great baking tips). I figured this was as good a time to start my New Year's resolution of baking my own bread. I've posted before about my addiction to Alvarado Street sprouted wheat bread -- shipped all the way from California, frozen. I can't keep doing that!

Peter Reinhart has some good multigrain recipes. They are time-consuming, involving a yeast starter you make the day before. It took me twice as long to knead the dough into the right consistency, but I pulled it off! My own grainy, whole-wheat bread. Ill have it every morning with my usual poached egg and green tea.

Meanwhile, everyone is still raving about the no-knead baking. In my experience it doesn't work as well with whole-wheat bread, though supposedly you might do all right if you mix in some white flour. Maybe I'll try again after I've made a few Reinhart loaves and see if I can adapt his recipes to the no-knead method.

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ME said...

After seeing loosey-goosey stepdaughter crank out 3 kinds of bread over Christmas vacation with increasing success, I want to bake bread, too!

She used the Dough cookbook by some French guy.