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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's alive!

I'm still baking my way through Crust and Crumb. This week I made a soupy poolish yeast starter for pizza crust and focaccia. Here it is above, bubbling away.

I made the poolish a couple days in advance, adding it later to my pizza dough. The idea is, when the yeast has more time to grow you get a dough with more character and flavor. Yeast especially likes feeding on the extra nutrients in whole wheat flour, so that's what I used.

Despite having great ingredients on hand, I'm still an idiot when it comes to handling dough. Here's what my pizza dough looked like on the pan. Oh well.

I topped my pizza with radicchio, some chopped Irish bacon I cooked the day before, and pine nuts. I scattered the nuts on top of the cheese so they would toast.

I was hoping the crust would turn out nothing-special so I wouldn't be tempted to go through all this trouble again, but alas, this was the best pizza I've ever made. I could taste and smell the crust even through all the toppings, and it was wonderful. Dang! And I loved the toppings. Sigh, I guess I'll have to make this pizza again.

Coming soon: focaccia!


Swizzies said...

My friend's mom here (she's swiss) makes pizza at home frequently. Her crust doesn't use any yeast at all -- I can't figure that out...?

Yours looks yummy!! (Minus that damn radicchio of course. ;-)

Got your card today - LOVE THAT PICTURE!! Thanks.

ME said...

Looks fantastic! Will you be sharing the fab pizza crust recipe with us?

Anonymous said...

This is making me feel exceedingly guilty for ever ordering pizza, since I could *obviously* make it myself. Sounds marvelous, though I'm with Di on the radicchio. And I'm with ME on the recipe action.

ks said...

Damn that looks good. I have been doing bread with a white sourdough starter lately...would love your ww dough recipe so I can try to copy so puh-leeez post it when you get a chance. (I use Nancy Silverton's La Brea Bakery cookbook as my sd bread bible but now I want to get the one you use, for comparison's sake.) Be sure to tell us your favorite recipes from it as you make your way through them.