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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscar Night

In days of yore we would attend Oscar Night parties with young friends and stay up for the very end, even though we knew we'd have to get up early for work the following morning. Since Jasper's arrival Oscar Night has become more of a family affair, and since, in our tiny apartment, the TV happens to fit best in his room, I made him stay up with me for most of it. Sadly, Lane was still working at his studio so it was just me and the boy.

I thought popcorn was in order, but for some strange reason I made blood orange chicken and endive salad instead.

Chicken again? Yes. Chicken aligns us, keeps us centered, tells us to quit being so melodramatic about winter lasting too long and husbands working so much.

I only had one blood orange because I keep eating them all, so I saved it for the reduction. I started with the cast iron dutch oven, hot olive oil, and grated garlic, then I browned several chicken thighs (seasoned, skin-side down) over the garlic. I covered by about 3/4 and threw in some saffron threads and more salt. About half-way through I added some enoki mushrooms just for fun.

When the chicken was finished I removed it, added the juice from one blood orange, and reduced to a nice, thick syrup. I don't know why the picture came out so weird, but it was NOT this color.

The salad is a copy of the salad from T'Afia I tried in Houston. I started by crushing about 1/2 cup pecans and toasting them a little on a hot cast iron pan. Then I added about 2T honey and some salt, stirred to mix, and let toast a little while more, maybe 10 minutes. I let that cool and sliced two endive crosswise. Then I layered the endive, some blue cheese, and the pecans over a plate and covered all with a lemon/olive oil/honey dressing I made a couple weeks ago.

So, the dresses -- this is why I watch the Oscars (OK, Sheri, also for Daniel). Lord knows I haven't seen any of those movies, though I'll probably get around to seeing them on DVD. I'm not going through all the trouble of downloading and posting pictures of my favorites. But I'll tell you. The old Hollywood glamour look is great and I'm glad people go through with it (especially Anne Hathaway's fantastic dress), but I love it when people try something a little risky. For example, Diablo Cody -- didn't she look swell? I mean really, that flowy dress was rocker-yet-femy, and her hair and makeup kept it all looking fresh and modern. I also liked costume design winner Alexandra Byrne's flowy dress and those glasses.

Tilda Swinton's red shock of hair with the black Lanvin dress -- yeah! It was so HER, and don't you just love Lanvin anyway? I also liked Marion Cotillard's fish scales dress and I thought ice queen Nicole Kidman's necklaces were stunning and perfect for her. People complained that her dress was too plain (not that I spent any time at all reading about the Oscars today...) but I thought it was perfect for the jewelry -- I mean, the jewelry WAS the dress.

I wish someone had helped Market Irglova a little. Her dress was so austere, and her hair so plain. Not that she should have been glammed up, but I wish a better designer would have taken notice and lent her a more flattering dress, say something like what Saoirse Ronan wore (I liked her look, too, very age appropriate). Light, ethereal.

All right then, enough of that.


Hevansrich said...

Did you see the movie "Once"? I felt that the actress/musician's style was definitely shining through on the stage that night, although I suppose it wouldn't have killed her to put on a gown. I was glad that Jon Stewart brought her back on stage and actually let her saw something.
Juno was the only movie of the big ones that I actually saw, and I saw it twice, and absolutely love it.
Daniel "make my day"-Lewis was yummy, but I could not stand what his wife was wearing. But he only had eyes for her.

Adriana Velez said...

Once is on my list. I don't mind that Daniel loves his wife, but does he have to wear brown shoes to the Oscars?