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Friday, February 08, 2008

Rugs, Richard Tuttle, and more

Thanks, everyone, for your comments on the rug question. I wanted one in the kitchen because it feels nice to bare feet and because I spill so much water on the floor. Our floors are covered by bisque-colored tile, which is a good surface. It cleans easily -- and what a dismal discovery we made when we got rid of the rug -- it was hiding all sorts of daily messes. I clean the floor a lot more these days. We're still undecided about the rug. I miss having something soft underfoot.

Richard Tuttle (I mentioned him here) is an American contemporary artist. His work is spare, but in a sweetly clumsy way. I don't know how he gets away with it. The best description I've ever read describes him as "the snake in the garden of minimalism." See more Tuttle here and here.

Luisa, I haven't read Nina Plank's Real Food, but I think it would make a great companion to What To Eat. I just got Stirring Things Up (and was going to review that and WTE later this month), but maybe I'll put that on hold and read the Plank first. I've read about raw milk and remain skeptical, but we can discuss that.

JaneAnne asks, "I wonder if, as more people become aware of and committed to this issue, they will grow more of their own food? It's definitely cheaper $$-wise (though certainly not in time expended) to do that." That's exactly what Frederick Kirschenmann said we should start doing more -- and will probably be forced to do more. What will we urbanites do, though?

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