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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stewing the obvious

Yesterday Nigella Lawson was on an NPR show. Listeners called in to list the random ingredients in their kitchens and she came up with meal ideas for them. One woman called with lentils, some sort of meat, tomatoes, and greens. "Oh, well it sounds like you have a fantastic stew." I rolled my eyes. Well of course she does, obviously. What a softball question. Got a random selection of dried and fresh foodstuff in the winter? Stew. In the summer? Salad.

Oh I love Nigella, really I do. And I'm glad I happened to be listening because that's just what I made later in the day. I'd already used up Jasper's winter-weather tolerance dragging him out for some sledding in the snow at the park. (He's not one for winter recreation.) Once we got home and cozy with our hot chocolate and movie I couldn't drag him back out again to go grocery shopping.

Let's see... split peas, one sweet potato, chicken stock, more radicchio (I know you're getting tired of hearing about it but I can't seem to get enough), meyer lemon, stinky French cheese, herbs, cornbread mix from the Women's Bean Project. I made a stew with the first ingredients and then added the cheese to the cornbread mix. I love a mix that consists only of the dry ingredients -- and I happened to have some buttermilk, which made the cornbread even better. I placed sage leaves over the top for even more flavor.

Here's to making do on a cold, snowy day!


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I think radicchio is this year's butternut squash, don't you? ;-)

I know they're not even the same woman, but I always get Nigella Lawson and the Barefoot Contessa mixed up. I know! I know! That's like mixing up Emeril LeGasse with Wolfgang Puck. Meh.

Happy stew day!

ME said...

I mix them up, too! Not Emeril/Wolfgang, but the other two.

I do like the idea of a recipe generator that uses whatever random ingredients one has. Isn't there a cooking website that does that? If not, there should be.

kellypea said...

Sounds tasty -- I love lentils -- but I've never watched Nigella. I always read about people who do. One of the things I do to "generate" recipes is google two or three main ingredients, add recipe to the mix and voila! It actually works pretty good. Oh, and I think I found you on Foodbuzz.