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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An early Easter

Whoops, I forgot that I have a blog.

When was the last time Easter came so soon after St. Patrick's Day? Since this year's Easter was even chillier than it ususally is in New York I centered all the cooking in the oven: hot cross buns, roasted lamb and asparagus, cake.

I somehow missed photographing the buns. But you know, they were round and had squiggly little frosting crosses on them (that's what you get when a non-believer makes hot cross buns). We sent them off to a local church that was hosting an Easter egg hunt.

A cute guy at the wine shop gave me the idea of marinating leg-o-lamb in juniper berries and gin. After marinating the lamb overnight (reserving the liquid) I started by lining the pan with onion slices, rosemary, and sage.

I placed the lamb on this, poured the marinating liquid over it, and then topped the seasoned lamb with olive oil, more rosemary, sage, and juniper berries.

I covered the roast loosely with foil and roasted for about three hours at 325 degrees. Then I turned up the heat to 400 degrees and roasted another hour until it was finally, finally done. I removed the roast and poured water into the pan, scraping up the browned bits and stirring it all together to make a sauce, which I strained and poured over the roast.

The asparagus was easy -- I just roasted and added blue cheese and a squirt of fresh lemon. Instead of potatoes or rice pilaf I sent Lane out for a crusty baguette. Lazy! But I love a good crusty loaf baked by someone else.

Since I was baking all those buns I decided to also bake a cake -- a buttermilk lemon with a layer of lemon curd between the layers. No luscious buttercream this time; just powdered sugar blended with butter, vanilla, and lemon zest. Then I melted some marshmallows in the microwave (one minute) and smoothed it over the top.

Though still cold, it was a gorgeous, sunny day. Hope you enjoyed your Easter as well.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

I so wish we'd eaten at your place! YUM. I love the idea of marinating the meat in gin with juniper berries. Maybe I'll do that in a few weeks.

Swizzies said...

The lamb looks luscious -- how did it taste? You're meant to beguile us by giving drool-inducing descriptions of how it tasted so heavenly.

And don't even get me started on that cake. CAKE!

I mad ham, cauliflower gratin and artichokes. BO-ring. And no dessert either. :-o

M said...


Kate The Great said...

Those eggs in your first picture are so blue! I love them. Did you dye them yourself? You should totally share how to get that light, bright blue.

The cake looks lovely, and so does the lamb, though I think I don't want to cook with alcohol, even though I know the actual "dangerous" ingredients get cooked out, so it's okay to eat.