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Friday, March 07, 2008

Extra parsley?

A friend of mine e-mailed me last week about what to do with a big bunch of parsley she'd been given. Since I'd just read about a pesto recipe in Cafe Fernando I recommended she try it with parsley instead of basil.

It's an interesting recipe as it uses blanched almonds instead of parmesean. (Whoa, double substitutions! I'm so disoriented!) We tried it with parsley this week, too, and I loved it. Jasper gives it a thumbs sideways on account of the "spicy" raw garlic. He rejected it outright for dinner but had a little for lunch after the garlic had mellowed somewhat.

So... I highly recommend this dish even if you're not avoiding the extra fat in cheese. If you're making this for kids as well you may want to use some bottled, pre-chopped garlic -- not something I'd recommend ordinarily but we all have to make compromises sometimes.

PS -- my friend suggested adding extra salt -- I did and prefer it that way as well. Also, since I had a large bunch of parsley I doubled the recipe. This made an extra amount of thick sauce for the usual one-pound package of dried pasta.

Image from U Mass Vegetable.

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Sue said...

Hi Adriana,
Thanks for saying Hi on my blog. I'm saying Hi back. I'm so happy you left me a comment, because I didn't get you in my little black book.

You have one really cute kid. HE is gorgeous.

About the parsley...I almost never make pesto anymore with just basil and pine nuts. I use parsley AND maybe basil and always a mixture of nuts. And if I have nothing else, I use just parsley and walnuts. YUM!