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Friday, March 07, 2008

In which I find out what a Meet Up is

Food Buzz hosted a lovely blogger dinner at Lupa Tuesday night. I felt like Cindrella, leaving the usual evening responsibilities at home and slipping out of the apartment at 8:30 at night.

I met Miss Ginsu, the ladies of Cupcakes Take The Cake, Midtown Lunch, Sue of Food Network Musings, and very briefly (though her personality radiated down the table) Shoshi of Kosher Soul Food. There were a few others that I didn't get to meet because they were on the other end of the table (like Fiesty Foodie and Endless Simmer).

Anyway, I found out from the other bloggers that I have no idea What's Going On in the World. As in, have you ever heard of Meetup? You sign up online for whatever niche interests you have and then you get regular announcements of social activities organized around that interest (activities registered through Meetup). So if you're into riding ostritches in scuba gear there is probably a Meetup for you out there.

Those crazy kids, what will they think up next?

I also played that 3 degrees of separation and found out that Nichelle knows Gabrielle of Skirt and Design Mom.

But what's most important here is what I ate:

A few appetizers, including a Brussels spouts salad I want to try to make
capricci with cauliflower ragu
ricotta gnocchi with sweet fennel sausage
pork shoulder with fico d'India & ginger (looked like lingonberry sauce with ginger, but tasted fantastic)
cheese course
some sort of gelatto in a chocolate shell and a scrumptious buttermilk panna cotta


Brendan Spiegel said...

Hey there-
Sorry we didn't get to chat - and thanks for the shoutout - glad to have found your blog
-Brendan (Endless Simmer)

MissGinsu said...

So happy to have met you! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your cooking (and parenting) adventures.

Miss G.

Sue said...

You were so good to outline what we ate...It was good, wasn't it?

Sue said...

One more thing...I wanted to email you a list of all the bloggers that were at dinner but I cannot find your email address anywhere, which means it's probably right under my nose.

Email me at

Nichelle said...


So nice to meet you last Tuesday!


Yvo said...

Ack, so unfortunate we didn't get to meet! I took a picture of the menu, which I plan on posting hopefully tomorrow if life allows (long story short: no internet access at new place; not always possible to blog from work!) ;) for those of us with crap memories (me!). T'was fun... perhaps we shall meet again!