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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh nevermind

This is what happened when I tried to make these apple and pork pies. I won't bore you with the sad trail of missteps that led me to these mud pies. I'm just glad I didn't use all of the filling. Puff pastry, here I come. But for tonight, it was half a Cherry Garcia ice cream bar and a blood orange for me and mac & cheese (spiked with cream and blue cheese) for Jasper. Lane had another art event tonight.

As long as I've gotten started on a tale of woe, I might as well admit that I wasn't crazy about the Easter lamb. I should have minced the herbs, crushed the juniper berries, added some garlic, and made a rub for the lamb instead of just draping them over the roast. Lamb has its own assertive flavor and if you don't really play up the seasonings they'll just get lost. Also, my digital thermometer is on its last leg. The numbers no longer read completely so I had to sort of guess and ended up over-cooking the lamb. Still, it was lamb, and even well-done, underseasoned lamb is pretty damn tasty. I just wasn't quite what it could have been.

Anyway, I'm having an off week. Luckily for me it's also restaurant week in Brooklyn, so Wednesday night we went to Palo Santo for dinner (excellent chayote citrus salad, bland bean soup, lovely trout over red onions and radishes, good coffee creme brulee, and a surprise appearance by borough prez Marty Markowitz). Friday some friends are in town for the Armory Show and we've cajoled them into an evening in Brooklyn, hopefully at Franny's. In between it'll be lamb and yogurt on flatbread, over and over again.

I'm on a roll here, so I'll reveal yet another kitchen blunder. First, those lovely blue eggs in the picture were not chicken eggs, Kate. They were lovely little chocolate caramel eggs. Pretty and tasty -- I do love that in a candy. Why no pictures of dyed chicken eggs? Because ours turned out remarkably ugly. We used this "natural" food coloring, probably never meant for eggs. The blue and the red are pretty much the same shade of plum. When combined with vinegar they turn a boiled egg the color of compost, more or less. Green eggs and ham indeed. Next year I'm just doing beet juice and tumeric. Surprisingly, though, Jasper did not seem to notice or mind the ugly colors.


Anonymous said...

My favorite ever natural egg dye was red cabbage, which turned the eggs the most beautiful mallard blue. I thought about doing natural dyes this year, but bagged. If I were ever to do turmeric again, I wouldn't use ground turmeric, which left the eggs coated with powder; I'd use fresh grated turmeric root.

As for the lamb, my best successes have been with slow-roasting (if it's a leg, because legs are full of connective tissue that really benefits from the low and slow approach, a la beef chuck roast or pork shoulder), and with actually sticking garlic into small stab wounds all over the meat.

Kate The Great said...

Ah, well. They're still a brilliant blue, no matter whether you made them yourself or not.

Swizzies said...

Oy vey, A... I don't know what your pies were supposed to look like, but they look EXACTLY like every single cookie I've ever baked. I feel ya on that one.

Also, I didn't dye any eggs and I loved your blue boughten (is that a word?) candy ones. :-)


Luisa Perkins said...

Palo Santo sounds awesome.

We haven't dyed eggs in years. Pretty spotty on the jack o'lantern carving as well.

Yes, I'm that bad a mother.

Sue said...

Do you ever play the everybody-has-a-hardboiled-egg-and-you-go-around-the-room-with-each-person-hitting-his-or-her-egg-against-the next-one-and-then-you-go-around-again-and-keep-hitting-until-only-one-person-is-left-with-an-uncracked-end? It's really fun.

I bet noone else noticed all your little mishaps as much as you did.

Red cabbage is an awesome idea for dying (should that be dyeing?) eggs.