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Thursday, March 20, 2008

St. Patrick's Day: the new Ireland

Mutton! One of these days I'll make mutton for St. Patrick's Day. You want to read that post, don't you? But alas, no lamb today.

No, I made mashed, white root vegetables, braised cabbage, and chicken stuffed with blue cheese and preserved lemons. Hey, this is the NEW Ireland. They're moving on from Corned beef. They're importing colorful, exotic ingredients. They're building outdoor decks and grilling... in the rain.

Anyway, the root vegetables: I was bad and peeled everything, one red potato, one large celery root, and one parsnip. After I boiled and mashed I added butter and buttermilk. Mmmm, must do that again. I've mentioned before, parsnips on their own are kind of stinky and funky, but they add something special in small doses.

Yes, the chicken dish is not even remotely Irish, but it sounded good to me Monday. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and rolled a bit of the Point Reyes blue and a few julienned slices of preserved lemon in each piece, tying together with twine. Then I dunked each piece in buttermilk mixed with egg and rolled in crushed pecans.

I arranged the chicken in a dish of melted butter and cooked, covered, for about 10 minutes before turning the peices. Half of the cheese melted out of the chicken and made a big, gooey, pecan-y mess. That's all right, I just scooped it all up and poured it back over the chicken when I served it.

After plating the chicken I poured chicken stock mixed with apple cider vinegar into the same dish, scraping up the browned bits. Then I added some shredded Nappa cabbage, covered, and cooked for about five minutes.

Wait, potatoes, cabbage -- isn't that more Austrian?

Nevermind, it was good.

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ks said...

Why, oh why, did I just look at your blog. I was hungry anyway, and now waiting two more hours for time to eat something will be even more challenging.

FYI: I agree with you about parsnips being kind of funky but you know what goes really well with them and mellows that...parsnippityness?...truffle oil. Perhaps if you have a bottle languishing in the pantry you'll give it a try in your mashers sometime.