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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot tip for the day: burn your biscuits

I forgot to set the timer for my herbed-goat-cheese-buckwheat-buttermilk biscuits this evening (seriously, why can't I make plain anything?) and out came a nice surprise: wonderfully crunchy biscuits! They were perfect for dunking into our chicken soup.

Oh all right, they were actually pretty disappointing, especially considering what they could have been. At Jasper's insistence we used holiday cookie cutters. Care for a Christmas tree with that soup? Or perhaps a Frankenstein's monster head?

I really wish I could post a photo -- my laptop with the iphoto and Firefox is currently en route to the repair shop. Meanwhile I tap away at the Flintstone granite MacTablet, circa 5000 B.C. -- except today Lane brought home his spiffy new black MacBook, which he usually uses at the studio. Lane says black is much, much cooler than white. What do you think?


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Black is what I have. It is way cooler than white! Although, white is good for hiding finger smudges and dust. But still, black is better.

Here's hoping your computer is repaired and returned quickly.

MissGinsu said...

I kind of enjoy burned biscuits as an expression of rage, as in, "Boy howdy! That really burns my biscuits!" It has nice alliteration.

Good luck with your 'puter.

Kate The Great said...

For computers, I agree with Lane.