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Monday, April 28, 2008

Peas, please

Peas will not be in season in New York for several more weeks, but I love me some peas and have been buying the organic peas from Mexico at the Coop. I know that's probably an even bigger carbon footprint than that of the produce from California we've been eating all winter, but I want to support organic agriculture in Mexico.

True, Mexico's middle class is growing larger every day, but how large an organic market can it support? Don't we want to encourage all farmers around the world to practice organic farming?

WWPD? (What Would Michael Pollan Do)

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ME said...

South Texas has jumped on the organic produce bandwagon. The local agriculture extension has a program that trains low-income families (most of Mexican origin) to grow organic produce and has set up a farmers market for them to sell their crops.

There's been terrific turnout for the farmers market so far. Haven't seen any peas, though. Mostly herbs and lettuces, chard and citrus. But it's a start!