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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Snack Week

I'm currently working on a project that's taking up all my headspace (a tiny, limited space), so I decided to make this week's theme snacks. Posts will be about snack foods or they will be short, snack-sized posts. Depending on how my project goes, Snack Week could got on to Snack Fortnight or even Snack Month.

Anyway, let me open up my first snack for you, popcorn with olive oil. As a teen I worked the concession stand at a movie theater, where I snacked on the chemical-laden popcorn for hours at a time. I soon developed an aversion to all popcorn and it has taken me a good 20 years to get over it. Now I've finally returned to popcorn, but on my own terms.

We don't have a popper kettle corn never seems to work out for me, so I use Newman's Own organic plain popcorn. (It's not on their website, but I found it at a neighborhood grocery.) Any "butter flavored" microwave popcorn will still have artificial ingredients and I prefer to add my own fresh, melted butter and salt. It tastes so much better that way.

One evening we found ourselves out of butter so I tried olive oil. Delicious! Why hadn't I tried this before? The better the olive oil the tastier. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it's true. Think of it as a high-low snack. Oh, and I do salt this popcorn as well.

Another snack favorite: Z Crackers. I've been looking for a whole-grain cracker with no sugar. When I'm in the mood for a savory snack I don't want ANY hint of sweetness. Just salty. These come in different flavors, all un-sweet, salty goodness.

Of course, I do try to snack on fruits and vegetables when I can exercise the discipline. I've been eating a blood orange almost every day since February. And thanks to Janet's suggestion, I'll sometimes have turnip slices with cheese or mustard.

What do you like to snack on?


~~Louise~~ said...

Hi Adriana,

Just dropped in from blogher. What a delightful visit I had. I missed Snack Month in February but next year I know where to send my visitors.


Rebecca said...

you probably know Dr. Kracker crackers. they are great, and hearty. not sweet at all. i like the seeded spelt ones a lot.
my favorite way to eat popcorn is with a little tamari and nutritional yeast flakes. yum!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Better question is what *don't* I like to snack on. One snack today was graham sticks dipped in leftover dark chocolate ganache. Mmmmm. Way better than frosting. Another thing I've gorged on lately (can't stop) is crackers or chips dipped in plain sour cream (the chips or crackers are usually salty enough without adding a salty dip).

hippittee said...

latest craving: pumpkin seeds - in the shell!

Hevansrich said...

many of my favorite snacks come from Trader Joes - I love their very berry granola sprinkled on their organic Vanilla yogurt - I also love Sharon's Sorbet Coconut which they carry. And at Christmas time they have the best Jo-Jo's, which are oreo-like cookies with a candy cane creme in the center - ate a lot of those. Also they have wonderful choc. covered pretzels, mini-peanut butter cups, and very very decadent mini chocolate bundt cakes covered in choc. chips. sigh.

Sheri said...

oh now, this is my kind of post. i snack on: pots and pots of tea, candied ginger (not low cal, my friends), bowls of mixed dried berries and raisins with peanuts, cashew butter on anything. i'm sure missing the boxes of easy-peel mandarins. and sadly and wrongly for a person who barely exercises: the odwalla "protein" bars with chocolate chips and peanuts are so good.

Adriana Velez said...

Welcome Louise and Rebecca! And good to hear from the rest of you.

The Coop carried Dr. Kracker on a trial basis and I loved them! But I haven't seen them since. Maybe it's time to make another request.

You are all making me hungry. Time to start dinner.

Luisa Perkins said...

We make popcorn every Sunday night on the stove, but we use melted butter and sea salt on it. Olive oil sounds intriguing, though!

I usually use peanut oil to pop the popcorn, but I've used coconut oil as well, and that's a fun twist.

I love to snack on cheese. We had a gloriously smelly Epoisses last week; one spoonful would last me all afternoon.

Now I'm hungry.

Pam said...

Thanks for the plug about the Z crackers. Keith and I are the owners of this very small company and we appreciate all comments from happy Z eaters! Thanks again!