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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taxes complete, we enter a new kind of hell

Just when I was getting ready to resume blogging, Jasper threw an alarm clock and then a jawbreaker at my laptop screen. Actually, the alarm clock incident happened last week and we grounded him from computer use. Then over the weekend, while I was using the laptop, he threw the jawbreaker. He was trying to break the jawbreaker, but he just made the damaged screen worse and now we can't see anything on in. I'm shipping it off to get repaired, which should take two or three weeks.

I'll continue posting, though without images. We still have the older laptop but it doesn't have iphoto and is too slow for Firefox.

We are entering the Dennis The Menace years with Jasper. Yesterday I just wanted to do the week's grocery shopping, bake a loaf of bread, do a few loads of laundry, clean the bathroom, and make lasagna. Jasper helped by scattering flour and grains all over the kitchen floor, pulling out every single toy he has in his room, and creating a mural on his wall with this kind of stamp ink that doesn't come come off with anything, even Magic Eraser.

Does anyone want to borrow a little boy for a few weeks?


Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh...and to think I'm seething over a lost memory card for my camera. How far is too far when interrogating a 3 year old? just kidding...

Swizzies said...

I think Jasper has computer issues. Recall that he assaulted our laptop while he was here? :-D

Sounds like quite a handful. Can't you crate him for a while? Oh wait, that's why we have dogs. ;-)

Hang in there.

Sheri said...

the whole alarm clock? yeah, i feel that way about alarm clocks sometimes. all the time. hope you are hanging in there. sometimes, just for fun and extra anxiety, i torture myself with long, drawn out thoughts of teenage boyhood. eek.