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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blogging with a purpose

Well shucks, food blogging genius Lindsey at Cafe Johnsonia nominated me for a Blogging with a purpose award! 

And now, I share the love:

1. Fugue Salad has many great recipes, but I'm nominating JaneAnne particularly for that French roast chicken in a pot recipe I just can't get enough of.

2. We had Miss Ginsu's buckwheat crepes complete tonight for dinner and they were fantastic. I've been enjoying her timely recession-proof recipe series.

3. Food Network Musings -- she watches the Food Network so you don't have to. Thanks!

4. I love the way Jayne at This Week for Dinner plans out her meals each week -- like, isn't that what we all do? Sigh. Well, I've made it as far as four days planned in advance. Anyway, I'm nominating her partly because Maria Shriver is her new best friend.

5. That's four food blogs -- well, that's what I read. But here's a treat for you. My last nominee is Sheri's photo blog Today is Pretty. Check out the birds, especially this one!

And now, I curse my nominees with instructions:

1. nominate 5 blogs which haven't had this award before
2. each of the blogs must have a purpose
3. the nominated blogs must make a link back to this page
4. the logo from the award must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog!

But only if you want to and have the time. If it dies with you, I understand. I'm just here saying thanks.

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