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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brownies, Oprah, and Chestnut

Friday was my 30-somethingth birthday. 

I worked on my birthday. I know that doesn't sound like fun, but it was. I just got an ongoing freelance gig that has been pretty interesting so far, and it feels really good to have a professional life again. I'm hoping I remember how to be a professional.

Lane left the studio early to pick up Jasper from school, giving me time to do some yoga. When they returned I was presented with a bottle of the heavenly D.S. & Durga perfume Siberian Snow. Then I had a sublime brownie and a dark 'n' stormy while watching Oprah. Oh joy, it was one of those fun episodes where she gives away pretty, frivolous loot to her audience. What a decadent afternoon. But that was just the beginning.

That night we left Jasper with a sitter and went to dinner at Chestnut. (Gasp, we left our neighborhood!) I wasn't in the mood for anything fancy this year, just some good, simple food, so we went in expecting to have just a cozy evening. But then I saw the chef's tasting menu with the wine pairing, which opened the door to something else altogther. There was a different wine for every dish, progressing from white, to rose, and finally red -- WAY too much wine for the likes of me, but I did my very best to keep up. Here's what we ate.

Baby artichoke with sheepsmilk cheese and chestnut honey
English pea soup
Garlic and spinach custard (lord have mercy) with greens
Haystack shrimp with cilantro puree and spicy quinoa-stuffed calamari with radish salad
Angel hair pasta with guanciale, more peas, and clams
Peppery gnocchi with oyster mushrooms
Halibut in a rich sauce, which went surprisingly well with a red, the most amazing, complex merlot I've ever had in my life
Hangar steak with fingerling potatoes and red wine sauce
Foie gras on crostini with cinnamon sugar glaze (People, it was so light and angelic.)
Satanically dark chocolate custard with candied-peanut-something topping

Now that was fun -- far more fun that I'd anticipated! We were there for four hours. Somehow we fell in love with the entire staff, especially the chef, and yet our marriage was strengthened as well. I really must turn 30-something again.

What was I saying about cheap food again?


Luisa Giugliano said...

Happy birthday, sounds fabulous!

shaunamama said...

Happy Birthday Dear Adriana! You had such a FABULOUS day! I'm so SO deserve it.

I would love to spend my big 4-0 day doing something great like that...

HUGS and many more Happy Birthday's to you!