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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I don't want to hear about your fresh, local salmon

OK, actually I do want to hear about your fresh, local salmon. I read Fugue Salad today and drooled over the fresh Chinook. And then I read a few pages of Real Food, in which Nina Planck goes on and on and ON about the virtues of animal fats and fish. Well, what else could I do?

I poached some wild Alaskan salmon in nothing but cream and a splash of white wine, then tossed it with fresh linguine and leftover grilled asparagus. That hit the spot. But listen, I can't eat like that every day!


MissGinsu said...

It's actually been a rotten year for the Pacific salmon. Stock collapse... the poor things. Bad news for fishermen. Bad news for salmon lovers.

Adriana Velez said...

No! Say it isn't so. That was the last fish I felt OK about eating, besides local bivalves in season. Now I have to go and do more fish research:

*fish is plentiful, not over-fished
*if farmed, farm practices are ecologically sound (extremely rare)
*fish is low in mercury and other toxins

Oh well, that might actually make a good post later on.

Anonymous said...

Miss G is right, it's not a good year for a lot of west coast salmon. The ocean salmon fishery is closed from the Mexican border to the mouth of the Columbia to protect critically-endangered Sacramento River salmon (which roam that far). My fish was caught in the Columbia, not in the ocean, which automatically means it's not a Sacramento River salmon. The Columbia runs have their own issues (not least being poaching by piggy California sea lions), but at least the fishery's open.

As far as I know there's no reason (other than cost) not to buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon. Those fisheries are in pretty good shape and are well-managed.