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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ramps good

Have you had your ramps, yet? You know, those things that look like scallions only with larger leaves and more pinkish on the ends -- they smell like garlic. And they cost about $10 a pound, so thank goodness they're in season only a few short weeks.

We had ramps two ways this weekend.

Ramps butter: simply mince the white part of a few ramps and mix with softened butter. Spread on steamed vegetables. We went to Franny's last week and had some linguine with ramps butter. What really made the dish sing was all the black pepper -- so good!

Ramps with spinach: I steamed some ramp greens with spinach, which gave the spinach an garlicky flavor. A little bit of lemon juice and salt and it was perfect.

Go get some ramps before the season's over!


Swizzies said...

Love your Mother's Day post. :-)

Also, ramps are growing everywhere here, some wild, some cultivated. They're just used as a normal landscaping plant, as well as being eaten. When we walk the dogs, we have to keep them on the path so they don't come home reeking of garlic.

They are a bit too strong for me, since I'm not a garlic lover anyways. But they are really popular and pretty cheap. I'm surprised they're so expensive there...??

Anonymous said...

I had ramps on Sunday, and I thought of you, A. It was during my Mothers' Day present--dinner BY MYSELF at Meriwether's. I started with a green salad with fresh favas, lemon dressing and pecorino. My main was wild salmon with spring veggies and dill hollandaise. The veggies were adorable--the most sweet and delectable tiny carrots, potatoes, shallots, ramps, morels, favas, peas, and probably one or two others I'm forgetting. The ramps were okay, but the shallots, oh the shallots! They were sweet and crunchy and not the slightest bit biting or oniony. Mmmmm. Oh, and then for dessert I had a caramlized banana custard tart with caramel sauce and whipped cream. I had to take it to go, though, since I didn't have room to eat it until later.