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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MouCo blu

It's not every day that I bring home cheese this runny.

Back when I was growing up in Colorado, Fort Collins was that small, stinky town where all the cows lived. Now it's the home of MouCo cheese company. Tonight we tried the blu. I loved it, but Jasper gave it a full-body shudder. Oh well, I'm proud of him just for trying it out. Lane will have to try it tomorrow as he worked late tonight.

It was serendipity that brought me to the MouCo cheese today at Bierkraft, for today I also bought our airline tickets to visit Colorado later this summer. I hear tell there's a rodeo going on the same time we're there.

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Angelica said...

First of all, no fair making me look at that gorgeous cheese I can't have. Secondly, how did you know about the rodeo? There are several all over CO in the summer, ours in Avon is on thursdays directly across the street from our house. Yea! Fri they have movies in the park, too.