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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old School Flintstones Vitamins Style

Featuring Park Slope's own Union Market! So recently Jasper broke my heart with the following:

Mom, which do you like: nutritious food or junk food?

Why, nutritious food, of course! What about you?

I like junk food.


I should mention that I found this video on Design Mom!


ks said...

"Sommalier savant" cracked me up.

Hevansrich said...

I liked "constantly hugged goats".

I hope Atticus' other daddy is a little less uptight!

I actually know a very nice couple with a son named Atticus. And they are currently living in NY for the summer (at the International House uptown?) Dad Chris (you know the Cutri Family JA!) is a film guy/instructor at BYU.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, I can't imagine living at the International House with two kids. I guess maybe they're old enough to look at it as a grand adventure?

Love the vid.

Hevansrich said...

you can check out how adventuresome it is if you'd like...

Sheri said...