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Sunday, June 29, 2008

To Market

The New Amsterdam market was fun. There was a great turnout. I got there around 1:30 and already some of the vendors were running out of their goods, so it sounds like the response was great! I hope so -- they're trying to get into one of the old Fulton Fish Market buildings so they can have a regular market kind of like San Francisco's Ferry Building Market, which is something NEW YORK CITY SHOULD ALREADY HAVE! Dare I hope?

Anyway, I picked up a few goodies. Cherries, baby beets, and tomatoes from a farm I've already forgotten. The little cup of crudites is from the Queens County Farm. I didn't have to buy bread from the already-famous Balthazar Bakery, but the sample slices were undeniable. I also didn't need to buy more tortillas from Hot Bread Kitchen because I can get it at my neighborhood, but again, hard to pass up. The pesto ravioli is from Valley Shepherd.

Marlow and Sons was selling Mast Brothers chocolate bars. These are Brooklyn-made artisan bars wrapped in sweet paper from Italy. I've been wanting one of these bars for months, but I'm never in Williamsburg -- oooh, fleur de sel chocolate. What a wonderful idea. I'm not sharing.

While there I cobbled together a lunch of shitake mushroom fritata on greens from Green Brown Orange, raw oysters from Stella Maris, floutas from Hot Break Kitchen, and wine from Bridge Urban Winery (all New York State wines!) and Atwater Vineyards. Alas, I was too late for the people's popsicle. From the market website: "The people's popsicle is a one-day social experiment in frozen sweets dreamed up by nathalie jordi and lucy watson and ben pratt. You'll find us at the new amsterdam market on june 29th. If you liked it, tell us so, and maybe we'll make some more!" People, more popsicles, please!

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