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Monday, July 07, 2008

12 Years

Lane and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this weekend! We had dinner on the roof and then went out on the town -- or at least the neighborhood. I think Maureen Dowd put it well when she described the ideal husband. I was pretty naive and idealistic when I married an artist 12 years ago; I have to say, I got lucky. Lane is an ideal-for-me husband.

When we had delightful Luisa and Co. over for dinner a couple of weeks ago we roasted a whole chicken. We liked it so much we made it again this weekend. Marinate the chicken in beer and lemon slices for a few hours. Then split it down the middle (through the breastbone), brush both sides with olive oil, and salt and pepper. Grill breast-side down, piling herbs and lemon slices on top.

Before it burns, pull off the herbs and lemon, flip the bird, and then stuff the herbs under the skin (that was Lane's idea). Continue grilling until done.

Here I am waiting for Lane to work his herbal magic.

We have a little wine and cheese.

And the chicken is done.

Hope you all had a felicitous 4th of July weekend.


Swizzies said...

Hey, happy anniversary!!

You both look great. And so does that chicken!! :-)

sylvia/ticklethepear said...


janeannechovy said...

Congrats! I know we've enjoyed our own 12 years.

liz said...


that cheese looks so yum. and the grub, too. mmm

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Yeah! Happy anniversary!

MissGinsu said...

Twelve years married? Impossible. You're far too lovely to be such a geezer. :)

Co said...

Happy anniversary! Wow! 12 years!

ME said...

Happy anniversary!

Must try the chicken--looks divine!