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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bar Q and other details

Have I been cooking anything lately? No! It's too hot. I did make this amazing buttermilk soup, though. I was especially lazy and just used pesto. You should try it. We love it so much we've been eating it over and over again.

I did take a break from the chilled buttermilk soup to have dinner at Bar Q. My sister and her husband were in town for the day, which gave us an excuse to make a rare dining excursion into Manhattan. The mid-range choices here in Brooklyn are so good (and more affordable) we usually avoid Manhattan restaurants, which tend to leave me feeling vaguely dissatisfied and definitely fleeced. But I'd just read the New Yorker's review and it sounded good.

I started off with a Japanese pickletini, Hendrick's gin with a frozen cucumber and Japanese pickles. Best use of Hendricks I've ever had. We shared fantastic lobster with rice noodle spring rolls and a trio of tartares with chilled avocado soup. I had some kanpachi sashimi as well. Then I had the inadvisable pork wings and actually liked them, especially with the watermelon salad with shiso leaves (there's something I could replicate at home). My sister had the lamb and it was a sweet song of tenderness. Lane had the duck breast with sesame noodles, which he also loved. I can't even remember what my brother-in-law ordered, so happy was I with my dish. Do I just have lower standards than Ligaya Mishan?

For dessert Lane and I each ordered our own chocolate peanut butter tartlettes, which were great, but what I really remember is my sister's cilantro lime sorbet. Cilantro lime sorbet, did you hear me? It was so freakin' good!

In other, totally unrelated news, I cut my hair. Previously I had what is unfortunately called the Pob. You know, the bob made famous by Posh Spice (what's her real name again?), only mine had bangs so it was closer to Katie Holmes'. As time passed on this kicky haircut grew out and humidity took over, leaving me with wavy, malformed Park Slope summer mama hair.

In a fit of foolishness and desperation one day I cut it all myself into what I thought was a sort of gamine look. It actually looked all right, but I had a professional clean it up the next day (I just got lucky with the scheduling) into what I like to call a Rosemary's Baby.

Not quite as short, but pretty similar. It's the shortest my hair has been since the unfortunate pixie haircut days. Eeek! I'm a little freaked out, but much cooler now that I got that wavy mass off my shoulders. Anyway, it had to be done. Katie and I are both trying to stay one step ahead of Posh and Eva.

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Anonymous said...

Pics of new hair? Sounds cute--and you're just the one to be able to pull it off.