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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birth plans, etc.

My second post on WELLalarm (soon to be WELLinformed) is up: How realistic is your birth plan?

What's that you say? You're not pregnant? Read it anyway and leave a nice comment.

So this weekend we hosted not one but two impromptu dinner parties, one with neighbors we'd met that day. Each time the apartment was a mess so I ushered everyone upstairs to the roof as soon as possible. Each time I had nothing whatsoever planned, and had to improvise quickly.

First night was with our vegetarian friends. I keep Quorn cutlets in the freezer just for these occasions. I also made a salad and put out crackers, cheese, salami for my family, olives, and a microwavable rice dish I found at the Coop.

Next night I'd bought hot dogs at the farmer's market, so at least we had that. But here's where the real miracle comes in: our neighbor had just gone fishing that morning and shared his freshest fresh fish with us (anyone else spend a lot of time reading Oh Say Can You Say?). He grilled the fish with just olive oil, lemons, and a little bit of rosemary. So good -- especially since we grilled it, which means my kitchen didn't smell like fish. What a gift!

Anyway, if you're ever in Brooklyn stop by for dinner. Seriously! We'll just throw something together and enjoy the cool evening air.


Luisa Giugliano said...
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Sue said...

I like that offer to stop by for dinner.