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Friday, July 11, 2008

We're snacking

Thanks, everyone, for your kinds words! I guess I can stop milking the anniversary post now and move on. Sigh...

I would really like to show you the pink pasta I made this week but Lane has the camera at the studio so it'll have to wait until the weekend, probably.

But happy day, I just discovered this chocolate covered coconut! What does this remind me of... oh yes, Mounds, that candy that starts out sweet and then goes cardboardy on you. Well this is better because 1. it's smaller and 2. the chocolate to coconut ratio is much better. They're made by Go Hunza, though I guess they're so new they're not on the website yet. I bet Trader Joe's carries something like it.

Meanwhile, I've been extremely lazy in the kitchen. This happens in the summer when you can buy food that doesn't even really need to be cooked -- like peaches and blueberries. Today I tossed some arugula on a plate, drizzled some balsamic and olive oil on top, and called it a salad. I had that with some cheese and bread for dinner while Jasper had grapes, yogurt, and Pirate Booty.

I have some vague plans for putting a beef chuck roast in the crock pot with chipotle and onion tomorrow for a weekend's worth of burritos. We're going to be very busy so I don't even know if we'll need it. That's the other thing about summer -- if it's not beastly hot out I'd rather be outside moving my body than indoors cooking. Scandalosa! Pero es verdad. Also, I have some writing project to finish.

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