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Monday, August 25, 2008

Boulder Dushanabe Teahouse

This was another pick by my sister, and I loved it. The Boulder Dushanabe Teahouse is a gift from Boulder's sister city, Dushanabe, the capital of Tajikistan. The building itself was crafted by 40 artisans and then dismantled, shipped to Colorado, and reconstructed there. It's a gem, with hand-carved and painted ceilings, walls, and columns, a fountain, and ceramic panels.

(Image via the teahouse website)

As beautiful as the interior is, we wanted to eat in the garden. Who can resist dining next to the babbling Boulder creek?

We met one of my friends from high school, Paul -- in fact, the only high school friend I'm still in touch with. He had just had his 20th high school reunion (class before mine) and provided me with updates, like the mutual friend who had become ordained a Catholic priest.

We started with cauliflower kuku, which was some sort of frittata with yogurt cumin sauce, and a fried zucchini dish I no longer see on the website (both were tasty). Then I had the Tajikistan Plov, which was rice pilaf with herb-infused tenderloin and a cucumber salad. The beef was moist and flavorful, but I did wish there had been a little yogurt to go with the rice and salad. The rest of the menu is all over the globe: Lane had a lamb burger and his parents had the Szechuan stir fry.

For dessert I wanted to try the tea infused ice creams. Unfortunately there was a meltdown in the kitchen, literally -- the freezer died -- so my dessert was a bit melty. But the Lady Gray and Chi ice creams were delicious. The teahouse has its own tea blender, so naturally the tea was very good. I took home some Red Dragon Keemun and some Zao Bei Jian.

Afterwards, Lane, Jasper, and I took a stroll down the Pearl Street Mall. The shopping there is supremely granola, but there are some great little play spots for small children. While there I made sure to have some of Boulder's own Izzie's soda.


Anonymous said... Good stuff, isn't it? It's become quite mainstream--when we were in Utah earlier this summer I bought a case at Costco! Here we also have a local artisan soda option: Hot Lips.

Dushanbe seems like a really cool sister city, and the food sounds divine.

hippittee said...

first response - just viewing the photos: CUTE haircut!

Adriana Velez said...

JaneAnne, thanks! Should have tried alternate spelling... this is what comes of blogging while tired.

Thanks, hippittee! Ah, it looks better far away than close up.

Kate The Great said...

I love that last pic of Jasper. He looks like he's one cool cat.