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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dixon's Downtown Grill

Oh, those Democrats have a fun city to play in this week! What I love about Denver is the way it has invested in its downtown area for years. It has long been a place where people live, shop, and dine. I remember growing up in the suburbs and longing to move into the condos by Boettcher Concert Hall when I grew up. Now it's better than ever, with a free shuttle running through a pedestrian mall, restaurants and shopping everywhere, museums. Unlike other downtown areas around the country (Salt Lake City, Houston), it stays lively after dark and on the weekends.

Despite all the choices, we ended up at the same LoDo restaurant we went to four years ago when Jasper was just a baby, Dixon's Downtown Grill. It's just exactly what I'm in the mood for when I'm in Denver -- a great, unpretentious grill with lots of sidewalk seating. (And just around the corner from the wonderful Tattered Cover Bookstore!)

Now that I've said "grill" I have to admit that I had the fish tacos, which were batter fried. But they were fantastic, light and crispy, with cabbage and lime. Lane had the cobb salad (another funny choice, but we'd eaten a lot of meat that week) and Jasper had the kid's burger, though he ended up eating my Mexican rice yet again.

Anyway, we love Dixon's. I love the food, the service is great, the location is perfect, and we are going again the next time we're in Denver.

By the way, during convention week Dixon's is featuring a charming list of Dem cocktails.


Maria said...

We are going to Boulder in October. If you have any suggestions let me know. Love your blog!

Kate The Great said...

Hooray! Bookstore! Must go see. Downtown Denver sounds fascinating. Anything like Washington DC?