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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Domo Restaurant

(Image via Domo's website)

Domo. Oh where to begin with Domo. It's like a Japanese country inn with a garden. You walk in over bound branches of mint into a room with stone floors and tables, large, wooden sake casks, table-top grills. Weave through the dining rooms into the garden, with its carefully pruned shrubs, its koi ponds and bridges.

And that's just the beginning. Domo serves Wankosushi, little bowls of sushi rice with raw fish toppings, no soy sauce. The sushi comes with several marvelous side dishes you can read about here; they take their food ever so seriously. There are mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, a balanced variety of flavors and textures. My sake came in a box. I need to buy the cookbook.

Okay, with a little critical distance I can see now that the owner indulges in a bit of self-mythologizing. But Domo truly is a unique dining experience and the food showed great care. I loved it.

Lane's parents had soba noodles with a giant, cast-iron pot of vegetables and sea food. Don't you love that his octogenarian parents are adventurous enough to eat at a place like this? I owe thanks again to my sister for picking the restaurant. Miss Ginsu, I see you've been there already!

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