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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Raw green bean salad in other hues

Usually these purple beans turn a dull army green when they're cooked, which is why I'm so glad If found this raw green bean salad recipe at the farmer's market. I added some yellow tomatoes for contrast.

Of course, by now I've lost the recipe. But it went something like this:

Chop up a bunch of green beans. Add some chopped scallions and minced herbs. Whip up your favorite vinaigrette and toss.

Eat and congratulate yourself on another heat-less meal.

Speaking of heat-less, I loved Melissa Hamilton's raw apricot dessert in the Times. Thank you, yes! Some of us are getting sick of reading about berry clafoutis this and apricot tart that like the only way to enjoy summer fruit is to cook it. Maybe it's HOT outside, you know? Maybe the air conditioner doesn't reach the kitchen. MAYBE SOME OF US WOULD RATHER GO TO THE BEACH THAN SPEND HOURS TURNING OUT THE PERFECT PASTRY CRUST!

I'm okay. Really. I just needed to get that out. I feel better now.

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MissGinsu said...

I hear that. Tarts are gorgeous and all, but c'mon... chopped fruit, honey and yogurt (or ice cream) is really hard to beat.