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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vail Farmer's Market

The Vail Farmer's Market is Colorado's largest farmer's market, though for such a lofty designation there certainly aren't very many farm stands. I guess I'm used to New York City's Greenmarkets. At any rate, Vail's market was a lot of fun.

It actually reminded me of the market I visited a couple of years ago in an ancient, French village just outside of Geneva. The architecture and landscape were similar... well, I guess that's the look builders were aspiring to lo these many decades ago. If only the Vail market had the same fresh oyster and champagne stands!

While there I bought some fantastic Greek pastries from jaja Belle's. They were packaged in darling little pink boxes. There were homemade soap stands, cowboy paintings, pickles, chocolates, and yes, even some produce. I bought green beans in a cute little basket, a white eggplant, herbs, red leaf lettuce, squash blossoms, and even some fresh-roasted hatch chilies.

Alas, I never got around to stuffing the blossoms with the chilies and both were left behind in my sister's refrigerator. Angelica, if it's not too late, please use them!

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