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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zacca Za!

If you ever find yourself in Avon, a charming town outside of Vail, try Zacca Za! for dinner. Zacca Za! It's up there with Oh Pioneers! and other exclamatory entities. It's a red sauce joint, don't you know.

My nephew, Garrin, and I shared a Ceasar's salad, something I never, ever order on my own. I appreciate that they didn't dumb down this one -- it came with the anchovies. I really should try to make a Ceasar's salad at home.

Lane and I shared their del cafone pizza, with Italian sausage, shaved fennel, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil. We loved it, and so did everyone else who tried it (pretty much the whole family).

The del cafone is a Napolitano-style pizza (basically, thin-crust with cheese on the top). Zacca Za! also makes a deep-dish pizza with the cheese on the bottom. My sister and her husband ordered one and it was an unwieldy, if tasty, beast. My mother and other sister ordered the pasta carbonara. I did try that one, and I have to say, I thought it tasted mostly of canned chicken soup, though they liked it. The meatballs in my son's spaghetti were not extraordinary.

Stick with the brick oven pizza and you'll be happy.

Portions are gigantic. Service is warm and attentive. As much as we enjoyed ourselves on a cold, rainy day, I can only imagine how satisfying Zacca Za! would be after a day of skiing! And now I must shout again! Zacca Za!

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