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Monday, September 22, 2008

Raw beets and toasted cumin almonds

I made this salad over the weekend: a layer of farmer's cheese covered in thinly-sliced raw baby beets and avocado. It reminded me of Yayoi Kusama. Then I toasted some cumin seeds with slivered almonds and topped the salad with that and some olive oil. I loved this fresh, new flavor combination.

Two observations:
1. According to Jasper, raw beets taste like raw carrots.
2. I usually use cumin sparingly because of its funky smell, but toasted who it's a totally different spice.

I have extra cumin/almond mix, so I've stored it for future salads. Highly recommend it!

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MissGinsu said...

I'll have to give this a whirl. Honestly, I've never really used raw beets, so I find them a little intimidating. Raw? Really? No roasting? No boiling? No pickling? Just... raw? That's unexplored territory. :)