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Friday, October 10, 2008

Concord grapes + food mill = jar of joy

So you have your concord grapes: amazing flavor in the flesh and must, but bitter skins and copious seeds. I've posted about this before. This fall I finally got my hands on a food mill, albeit a smaller version (something about this market freakout has me reluctant to plunk down $54 for a kitchen gadget right now). This made smashing the grapes and separating the skins and seeds much easier.

I have my wonderful, fresh grape juice. Now what? I can mix with selzer water, mix a concortini, attempt grape sorbet, drink it straight, any other ideas?


Hevansrich said...

That looks delicious!!

To me it sounds good to just have it over ice - but I like the word "concortini" - sounds like a little itty bitty takeover.

The pumpkin above looks divine as well - Welcome Fall!!

Kate The Great said...

Jam? or Jelly?