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Friday, October 03, 2008

Dinner for the liberal elites

For last night's debates I made a special liberal elite dinner -- er, post-market crash version. I first roasted some chopped guanciale until crisp. Then I sliced three delicata squashes (my favorite squash) lengthwise, brushed with the guanciale fat, and filled with the cooked guanciale, sage leaves, and slivered almonds (for lack of pine nuts). I roasted for about 30 minutes until nice and soft and then served with quinoa. Nothing says Northeast liberal like quinoa.

I took a poll and predictably, the child contingent gave the squash a very low approval rating (.00001%). Our swing-state voter, Lane, gave the squash a moderate approval (65%) with the proviso of added Greek yogurt since baked squash has a similar texture to baked potato.

OK, seriously Republican candidates, do you really need to keep slamming people who live on the East Coast? Because we have families here too, you know. I haven't even had an abortion yet this week. In fact, as Jon Stewart so aptly put it, New York is just a collection of small towns all crammed into one apartment building. Sheesh, I know you feel like you can afford to alienate us because we're not going to vote for you, but we're people too, you know. Or I guess I should say, "ya know."

Lo and Co, I hope you really did make that baked Alaskan.

By the way, if you have small kids you'll appreciate this post.


Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

thanks for the new Delicata recipe - also my favorite squash. What is guanciale?

Adriana Velez said...

Hi kitchen gadget girl! Guanciale is a kind of preserved pork, similar to bacon. I've posted about it here:

Co said...

We did actually make half-baked Alaska... okay, it was baked Alaska (nothing half-baked about it), but we called it half-baked in honor of the governor.

I had never had such a concoction before. Ice cream cake with meringue on it. It was good though.