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Monday, October 06, 2008

Warmed-over leftovers

Conveniently enough I came down with a cold on Friday afternoon. I mustered the energy to make homemade chicken soup (with lemon juice and Vietnamese chili sauce, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh). But by the following day I was craving junk, specifically Kettle Buffalo Blue potato chips and chocolate pudding. There was also much tea with raw honey and scotch. Sorry, Mormons, but it sure does work.

Is it me, or does anyone else feel like we're being pulled into an economic black hole that is compressing financial markets into ultimate density?

Is it me, or did anyone else watch Katie Couric ask Sarah Palin what newspapers she reads and yell at the TV, "WALL STREET JOURNAL! SAY THE WALL STREET JOURNAL!" It's the ultimate safe answer for a Republican trying to appeal to independent voters during these economically unsafe times. In typical tone-deaf fashion the McCain campaign has her come back with the NY Times and The Economist, prompting more peals of mockery. No wonder Obama is winning right now.

Meanwhile, I was delighted to come across this blog thanks to Queen of Spain via Twitter. What does it have to do with the issues? Nothing whatsoever! But at least it's not hate-filled. I can't wait until this election is over. Can we just vote today?

Another good reason to waste 5 perfectly good minutes reading lines from Twitter is this tasty butternut soup by Snarkmeister.

Again I ask, what are you making for dinner for the debate? We will have red meat! I will be grilling the rest of the hamburgers Lane started Sunday night. I'm Adriana and I endorse Lane's hamburgers.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

My great (Mormon) grandmother only served tea that way. :)

Feel better.

Angelica said...

This is a buffalo burger house. Well, buffalo burgers and portabello mushroom burgers. I am off the cheese again.

Adriana Velez said...

And that is a Colorado ram! Sorry to hear about the cheese.

Johnsonia, I am not at all surprised to hear this from you...

Co said...

Yeah, I was shocked that Palin didn't say Wall Street Journal, too. As well as that she didn't name any paper. I could think of a lot that would've been good or decent choices.

But then I thought... maybe she would have to LIE to do that. Maybe she really doesn't read reliable news sources. And it'd be worse for her to get caught lying about what she reads than to just look like an idiot. Bizarre.

We had kielbasa with onions and rice for the debate. Not as cool as the baked Alaska. I was saying maybe next time we'll have to have deep-dish pizza or something Chicago-esque.